Day Trips and Events

4/15/01 (Sun)    Sierra Club Hike on Schunemunk led by Bob Susser  (8 miles)

5/6/01 (Sun)      Bike New York 2001  (45 miles)

5/13/01 (Sun)    Sierra Club Hike in Harriman led by Murray Schacter (8 miles)

5/27/01 (Sun)    Sierra Club Hike on Pocantico Hills led by Michael Miernik (10 miles)

6/9/01 (Sat)       AMC hike on Schunemunk led by John Jurasek  (3D8)

6/24/01 (Sun)    AMC hike, Briarcliff-Peekskill, led by John Graham (3C10)

6/30/01 (Sat)     AMC hike, Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring, Leaderless (4D12)

7/15/01 (Sun)    AMC hike, Arden Circular, led by Pete Bowles (3D11)

7/21/01 (Sat)     Bicycle Ride up Palisades Park (30 miles).  Just me.

8/4/01 (Sat)      AMC hike, North Lake  Batavia Kill, led by Aaron Schoenberg (3D11)

8/26/01 (Sun)   AMC hike, Tuxedo Circular, led by Stanley Lewin (3D9)

8/31/01 (Fri)     AMC hike (part of Vermont weekend),  Mt. Mansfield, led by Tom Murasso (4D10)

9/1//01  (Sat)    AMC hike (part of Vermont weekend),  Camel's Hump, led by Tom Murasso (4D10)

9/16/01 (Sun)   AMC hike, Sloatsburg Circular, led by John Bradley (4D12)

9/28/01 (Fri)     Bicycled with Barry up Palisades Park to PDT Offsite  (25 miles)

10/6/01 (Sat)  Hikes with Jen, Arden and Tuxedo (4D10)

10/13/01 (Sat)  Hike with Jen, Hubbard Perkins and Cold Spring  (4D12)

3/9/02  (Sat)   AMC hike, Schunemunk, led by Richard Seibel (3D10)

4/13/02 (Sat)  AMC hike, Seven Hills, led by Joe Nigro (4D10)

4/20/02 (Sat)  AMC hike, Cold spring- Breakneck Ridge, led by David Lamb (4D10)

4/27/02 (Sat)  Bicycle ride with Jen to Nyack.  (30 miles)

5/4/02 (Sat)    Paintball with PDT and others

5/12/02 (Sun)  5BBC Bike Trip to Piermont  (60 miles)

5/19/02 (Sun)   Montauk Century (I did 70 mile route)

6/1/02 (Sun)  AMC hike, Tuxedo Circular, led by Joe Nigro (4D10)

6/30/02 (Sun)   Hike up Palisades Park by self  (13 miles)

7/13/02 (Sat)   AMC hike. Wyanokie Circular. Bob Fuller and Ira Gardner   (13 miles)

7/28/02 (Sun)   Kayak Lesson at Clarke outdoors (with VT and Chris)

8/10/02 (Sat)   Hike near Bear mountain with Dorota/Paul (5 mile)

8/30/02 (Fri)   Hike up Algonquin (part of AMC Adirondack weekend) (8.5 miles)

8/31/02 (Sat)   Hike Avalanche Pass (part of AMC Adirondack weekend) (10 miles)

9/1/02 (Sun)   Hike up Cascade and Porter (part of AMC Adirondack weekend) (6.5 miles)

1/11/03 (Sat)   Cold Hike near Delaware Water Gap with Kathy (8 miles)

1/18/03 (Sat)   Snowshoeing in High Point State Park with Kathy (dealer demos)

1/26/03 (Sun)   Tubbs Snowshoeing hikes in Silver Mine Lake

2/2/03 (Sun)   Snowshoeing in High Point State Park with Kathy

2/8/03 (Sat)   Snowshoeing near Silver Mine Lake with Kathy

2/16/03 (Sun)   One hike on AMC Snowshoeing Weekend near Palenville, Catskills (8 miles)

3/1/03 (Sat)   Snowshoeing in High Point State park (loop) with Kathy (6-8 miles)


3/16/03 (Sun)    Bicycle with Kathy down west side, up to bridge and back (20 miles)

3/22/03 (Sat)   Bicycle with Kathy down west side, on ferry, across Brooklyn bridge, Ward Island and back (25 miles)

???    Bicycle with Kathy to end of Palisades park and back (35 miles)

4/13/03 (Sun)   Bicycle with Kathy from start of Atlantic Beach to midway along Jones beach and back (40 miles)

4/20/03 (Sun)   Hike on AT from Mohican Center in NJ with Kathy (11 miles)

4/27/03 (Sun)   AMC hike with Kathy. Breakneck Ridge, Rich Seibel (4D10)

5/4/03 (Sun)   Hike in Palisades (Giant Stairs) with Kathy (4 miles)

5/10/03 (Sat)   Hike in Harriman (Sloatsburg - white bar trail) with Kathy (13 miles)

5/18/03 (Sun)   AMC Hike with Kathy. Cold Spring. Leaderless, but John filled in (8 miles)